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Eusie ‘Fishie’ Thomas is a Jamaican Artisan and Craftsman and Master Joiner/Carpenter who has lived on Anguilla since 1996.  Eusie has worked with Bamboo for over thirty years and is an expert on the care, maintenance and use of this medium.  He was  involved in the W.I.S.E. program for many years teaching young adults how to make bamboo crafts and furniture and involving them in a useful hobby or career in later life.

He was also involved in the A.N.C.A.A. , the Anguilla National Creative Arts Association which has been praised for its vision, foresight, investment of time and other resources in developing and implementing a bamboo workshop and exhibition on the island. The association was described as “a group of committed, dedicated and patriotic Anguillians who designed, planned and implemented this project on their own and then solicited Government’s support and is a model for community development that should be adopted by all non-government organizations and community-based organizations involved in self-help, self-management with Government as facilitator or enabler."

Eusie makes Bespoke hand-crafted furniture from Eco-Friendly and sustainable Bamboo. He personally selects much of the bamboo himself, in Jamaica, where he treks up the mountain to hand-cut it and brings it down, on foot, to process it (curing it with smoke in a kiln) for shipment to Anguilla. He spends time between Anguilla and Jamaica as he also makes 'bespoke' furniture from driftwood, almond, neam, spanish elm, mahogany and a variety of Tropical Woods. He is often called by the Agricultural departments in both Countries to remove dead trees and uses wood to then fashion furniture. As a Master Carpenter he also can design and make, bathroom vanity units, walk in closets, staircases and build pergolas, verandas and pavillions and of course Houses!

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